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Air Spading

SimplyArb Tree Consultants Ltd operate a professional Air Spade root plate de-compacting, vertical mulching or investigative service.


The Air Spade consists of a hand held lance or wand connected to a Chicago Pneumatic CPS5.0 mobile air compressor which easily breaks up hard compacted grounds whilst leaving the roots intact and undamaged.

The Air Spade can be used to de-compact soils and ground where compaction has occurred through vehicle, machinery or pedestrian movement or where root plate encroachment through, for example car parking around trees, has occurred The de-compaction of the soils and ground around tree/s allows water and air movement throughout the soil and root plate profile which is essential for the life of the tree/s.

The air spade can also be used for vertical mulching where vertical columns are formed by inserting the lance/wand into the ground amongst the root plate profile. Once the columns are formed they are filled with slow release micro and macronutrients which are essential for root and leaf growth and development improving the health of the tree/s long-term. 

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