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Ground Penetrating Radar

SimplyArb Tree Consultants offers this unique and non-intrusive method of root plate inspection using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to ascertain root depth, root size and root direction.


The early intervention of GPR will help local authorities, power companies, private homeowners and developers etc at the pre-planning and pre-design stages of a project saving time, money and wasted resources. 

SimplyArb Tree Consultants uses the latest state of the art MALA Easy Locator Pro GPR System which is widely used in the Geophysical and Geotechnical construction and infrastructure sectors. The ability to identify buried roots within concrete, tar seal, soil, grass etc allows for a cost effective and time efficient solution to achieving the desired outcome whilst at the same time ensuring that the health and stability of the tree isn't compromised pre or post work.

Craig is fully trained in the use of GPR and along with his knowledge and experience in arboriculture will be able to give an accurate appraisal of what is buried beneath the surface to help in the pre-planning and pre-design stages of any project.

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