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IML Resistograph Inspections

IML Resistograph wood testing drills measure the quality of the internal state of the wood by recording the drill resistance of the needle penetrating the core.


This data is collected and printed on a wax paper strip for quick and easy identification of weak or rotten spots in the wood.


The inspection drill captures resistance data that illustrates decay or cavity found inside the wood. Arborists utilise the inspection drill to help prevent unnecessary tree removal by taking the extra step to provide interpretive data of the internal state of the wood. The inspection drill technology increases accuracy with detailed information that is especially valuable when inspecting trees in high profile locations such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, playgrounds, universities, parks,  golf courses or highly populated areas.


SimplyArb Tree Consultants using a Resistograph wood density instrument testing for internal decay due to the presence of fungal brackets at the base of several Eucalyptus trees at Burwood Hospital, Christchurch.

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