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Riccarton House and Bush - Lime tree de-compaction

Two Lime trees planted circa. 1876 were identified within a tree report as being in decline due to compaction related issues caused by car park encroachment. The trees were showing significant die back which was being removed annually. The report recommended the removal of one car park space either side of the tree/s, vertical mulching columns and the overall de-compaction of the ground.

The area was cleared of all surface and sub surface material to take the area back to the root plate proper at an approx. depth of 150-200mm below existing ground level.

Vertical mulching in the form of columns were inserted at 1m spacings to a depth of 500mm using the Air Spade. These columns were back filled with a slow release balanced fertiliser, screened top soil and coconut core. The coconut core was introduced to keep the pore spaces open within the columns so as to allow water and air movement through the columns to the roots below.

Area and flowerbed around the Lime tree prior to work.

Area around the base of the Lime tree after de-compaction was carried out and the flowerbed extended by the removal of one car park space either side.


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